Social Media Strategy for Instagram Users


The well-known social media center Huffington Post, recently stated that 575 Likes and 82 comments happen on Instagram every second of every day. The up successful social media services is on it’s way towards greatness. Of course, if you are a current Instagram user you already know how to upload and hashtag your photo right ? – simple tasks to keep interaction. like any other social media strategy, you have to name and focus on your target consumer. It is important that you find them and start a conversation. On this social media platform, other than third party chat apps, there is a single and direct way to communicate with Instagram users for example following, liking, and commenting on shared content. The following is written for those who need a quick reminder or do not already know how to formulate a social marketing plan.

Consistency and Continuity

This is a strategy that is very simple and effective but often thrown by the wayside amidst all the glitz and buzzwords. When you post photos that engage with your audience, and also coincide with your business, they tell a poignant story. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a florist or a scuba diver. Post consistent and continuous content! Make sure captions drive the point home and relate to the post as well. If they are informational, that’s even better. Brand yourself, ultimately your business, in the Instagram community and throw some character into it. It doesn’t have to be dry, boring content to be relevant or appropriate. Be consistent but be likable.

Fact: an approximated 7 million active users on Instagram are awaiting your presence online. No, really. 7 MILLION. That’s a large pool to fish from and it appears to only be getting bigger!

Monitoring and Measuring

The interface of Instagram is, whether mobile or web-based, not always offering the best option for businesses to put their brand names in front of a large audience. Here’s why: Before Instagram’s launch, a good many tools were slapped together haphazardly to band-aid the networks glaring discrepancies aka feature gaps. Now there are plenty of options, Instagram has pulled itself together to be a leading provider for photo sharing and hashtag development (leading Twitter at its own invention!). Multiple apps like Statigram, Instagrid, Webstagram, Nitrogram, Simply Measured exist now. These helpful tools exist so that users can accurately and efficiently gauge their audience engagement metrics. What a wonderful world we live in, right? Snap a photo, share and tag properly, and within hours your brand could be seen by millions of eyes waiting to interact with you!

Continuing Conversations

Be active. This includes responding to comments, in addition to posting photo content. It’s really one of the most important things to provide value for the wider Instagram community and your followers alike.

Remember those 81 comments we highlighted earlier? That’s too many for even the most active Instagram user to respond to in a decent amount of time. Responsive is also a metric by which people judge your content, and this is where those apps aforementioned come in handy! It’s a wise decision to bolster your efforts by using them. We recommend the Modcloth community as an example of living up to a high standard of community welfare: they always engage each other in conversation with questions, compliments and help tips providing valuable insights.

One last thing, which is on the topic of hashtags, and the monitoring of them. Make sure to use them to organize and respond to comments in a responsive fashion. Aim to add value, not just to give good appearances, but to truly connect with your audience. Followers will coagulate into a loyal group you can market to without appearing pushy or sleazy if you do this. When you use hashtags, the odds your photos will appear on the Explore page—a page solely for the purpose of putting the spotlight on the most interesting photos on Instagram—this content will be massively shared outside of your following and, in turn, provide a new tier of visibility for your brand.

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